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JIL Hoofddorp Church


Coordinator:         Bro. Rico Casunuran

Address:                Het Braambos, 81-83,

                                Waddenweg,   2134 XL Hoofddorp

Tel. No.:                 (+31) 616415156




Weekly Services:



     Worship Service:         

                            Sunday 1.00-3.00pm


Prayer Meeting:                       Friday 8.00-9.00pm

Music Ministry Practice:         Sunday 5.30-6.30pm

Leadership Training:               Sunday 1.00-2.00pm

You are invited


JIL Hoofddorp 6th Thanksgiving Celebration

29 May 2016

Sunday 1.00-4.00pm 

JIL Hoofddorp Video Updates



News and Updates:


JIL Hoofddorp conducted the leadership training on February 21, 2016.  The training focused on strengthening the leaders and workers. The major ministires have been evaluated in relation to church growth.

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